Pigeons in the gutter?

Not good as they tend to block them up! Feathers, droppings, eggs and nesting materials all contribute to blocked gutters and down pipes. Water damage to buildings is costly and has to be repaired.

A simple fix is to install bird spikes to their favoured areas. The spikes don’t harm them just frustrate them as they cannot get to their favoured areas. Once birds are excluded from an area they will go else where, though this has to be considered as it could be to another part of the same building. By using an established bird control company such as BTP | Professional Bird & Pest Control. You have confidence that in the 20 years we have been carrying out bird work, for many high profile clients that we will have seen your issues and have the technical experience to solve it for you.

Eliminate birds from on and around the building and the benefits should include:

  • Improved look (as no unsightly droppings)
  • Reduced cleaning costs of floors, windows etc
  • Reduced gutter & down pipe cleaning
  • Eliminate risk of slips from droppings


The spikes simply clip on with a robust fixings, so they can be removed if the gutter needs to be cleaned for such as leaves from an over hanging tree.

pigeon spikes on gutter

Gutter bird spikes

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