Rodent Problems?

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Have a rodent problem?

Rats and mice around your home or work are unpleasant. Damage to building and public heath issues are all very real from rodents.

BTP can solve your rodent issues.

What we will do?

  • A qualified professional will attend site and survey the rodent problem
  • They will look for areas of activity and shelter
  • Also potential food and water sources

We may be able to recommend a few simple steps to alleviate the problem. It could be as basic as removal of a food or harbourage source.

Technology is now on our side for rodent problems, this may involve the use of:
  • Tracking dust
  • UV torch – Black Light
  • Game camera to detect activity


See the short video below of some of the issues we have solved using cameras to identify suspects:

YouTube video

Rodent monitoring programme for commercial customers.

Does your business require:

  • A complete rodent monitoring & control program?
  • Maybe to satisfy the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) or British Retain Consortium (BRC) regulations?
  • Even to just protect stock and staff from public health issues?


If you do then call us on 01525 863 951, where we can arrange a complete survey and meeting and discuss your requirements to satisfy your protection and audit requirements.


All BTP staff are qualified in the application of toxic Rodenticide bait for the control of rodents. Maintaing their continued professional development training in all industry and legislative updates.

The use of what is generally termed as “rat poison” has been restricted because:

  • The incidents of secondary poisoning in wild birds of prey, such as the Barn Owl, Kestrel and Red Kite are rising.
  • The birds do not directly eat the poison, they get it from eating rodents that have eaten it.
  • It is not necessarily killing the birds of prey, but showing high levels in their bodies.

To reverse this problem, the Health and Safety Executive is overseeing a Stewardship Programme. This ensures that only qualified users apply certain toxic baits, within tight guidelines for limited time periods.

  • Is your current pest controller compliant of this new legislation?
  • Are they qualified to use second generation anticoagulant rodenticide (SGAR’s)¬†baits?
  • This is a requirement of SGAR’S to able to use them against rodents in all situations.


Further information is available HERE

BTP are supporters of the the Think Wildlife Campaign and follow their code of conduct. See their website HERE.

Please call us on 01525 863 951 for any rodent concerns you have.

Here to help!

Rodent Control Programme

If further action is required, then we can recommend a rodent control programme to solve the problem. This may be a trapping or rodenticide bait campaign, combined with a habitat modification or improvement.

All methods used are legally approved and with regard to the safety of children, pets and other non target species.

Cost start from £50.00 + VAT per visit, depending on the severity of the infestation.