Pigeon Spikes for Pigeon Problems

Bird Spikes for Pigeon Problems

The Feral Pigeon (Columbia livia) or Rock Dove has been around man for thousands of years. It has adapted to live along side us and utilises our buildings and throw away culture. A building with ledges, gutters, alcoves and overhangs is just a rock face to the Pigeon. They can get everything they need to thrive from the urban environment: shelter, safe nesting sites and food from waste or bird feeders keeping them in peak breeding condition in the winter months. Here at BTP we have come across Pigeon nests made with old cable ties, twigs and even multicoloured plastic chip forks!

A simple but effective option is bird spikes, though not actually spikes. The wires are cut flat, so they don’t harm the bird control technician installing them or the birds, all they do is just frustrate them trying to land in their favoured area.

Once the surface has been prepared and the old fouling has been treated with a biocide, removed and sent for approved disposal the spikes are placed in position with a special adhesive. Though has to be given to how the spikes are placed, as if wrong they can breech them from behind, in front or between them!

Beware displacement! – If the birds are denied access to their favourite areas they may move to a similar area. Now this can be on the same building or the neighbours building who may be very unhappy!

This is why it best to use a Professional Bird Control company such as BTP – who has a vast experience in installing spikes in many situations, so can pre-empt any unforeseen problems.

See the before & after images below:

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