Don’t ever leave a wasp nest in your roof!

Once an active nest had been treated, then it is normally left in place as it will not be re-used – but beware?

I treated a huge nest for my parents a few years ago, whilst sitting in the garden one sunny afternoon, whilst staying there for the weekend having a beer. I notice wasps going in the air brick on the apex of the house. Fortunately I was in a work van and had the wasp equipment on board. Half an hour later the nest had been treated at a very reasonable rate (yes id did do if for free!) So the wasp nest was left.

A few weeks later I thought I had better check it, so I went up in to the loft – well I found one of the largest nests I had ever treated, it must have been 5 foot tall and 3 foot wide! The problem was it was not accessible due to the water tank, insulation and no boards. I did try to get some pictures of it (to blog) but it was too far away and dark to get a decent photograph.

A Few months later…

A few months later on my next visit to my parents, I decided ti bring my decent camera with a telephoto lenses and get some decent pictures of it. When I got up in the loft I noticed the rafters were wet and the insulation was damp. They must have a leak in the roof I thought? This time I took pictures of the damp wood work and went to show Dad. A few days later he called in the local roofer who went to investigate and hoped he was not going to tell him he needed a new roof!

After some time the roofer came down with a huge chunk of wasp nest explaining it was blocking the air vent! He had also checked the other end of the building and that had another wasp nest blocking the air brick!

It was a condensation build up and not a leak.

Thankfully he removed both nests cleaned the air bricks and now all is dry and a new roof is not required.

Moral of the story….

Don’t leave wasps nests in place, if they could block something. Water damage is not good but carbon monoxide is lethal. We have over the years treated them in some strange places such as chimneys, swimming pool boilers, garden mulchers and bird boxes.

Get a professional Pest controller to do it as:

  1. It could still be active
  2. If treated with an insecticide some PPE is required to avoid breathing it in.
  3. Dispose of it correctly as contaminated.

For ALL wasp problems call BTP on: 01252 863 951 Today!

Vents with wasps

Wasps in air vent

Wasp nest in Air vent – will cover if left