Sea Gulls Nesting On Roof Tops Are Increasing.







UK Gull species such as the Herring and Black Headed Gull are increasingly using roof tops for nesting in the breeding season. This can bring them into conflict with man – due to the damaged caused by nest debris, bodies, guano and food waste etc being bought on to the roof, then ending up in the gutters, valleys or down pipes. This caused blockages and water damage to buildings. We were called to a coastal hospital that all the roof gutters and down pipes were blocked due to gull debris. The wards had been flooded a number of times due to blockages.

Other issue can occur of maintenance staff being dive bombed and fouled on by protective gulls, when they have chicks in a nest on an adjacent roof. They may not be anywhere near the nest but have to access roof areas for essential maintenance issues. One in 10 people have a bird phobia, so can find this a very distressing experience.

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Physical barriers and scaring at certain times of the year, are the only options available to solve this problem.

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