Fly Problems?

Having flies around your home or business is not pleasant.

Got a fly Problem?

These little creatures can be very annoying and a risk to public health. The are over 1200 species of fly identified in he world. Most domestic housed or business will suffer from fly problems each year.

Depending on the species of fly, it may be there for different reasons: Food, over wintering etc. A few simple DIY methods may help with the problem such as:

  • If you have pets, remove uneaten food, so not to provide an attractant.
  • Keep doors and windows shut to kitchen sor food prep areas, consider screening or chains
  • Wipe down food surfaces, so not to provide an attractant
  • DIY arosols work well, as long as the instructions are followed
  • Consider a Fly machine if in a commercial Kitchen


Need Professional Help with fly problems?

The most common issues we see are cluster flies and house flies in commercial kitchens. Call us today to discuss your requirements. BTP can help with fly screens and chains, Fly killer machines and treatments for infestations.

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