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Squirrel Problems

The Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) has been resident in the UK since being released in the 1870’s. It was seen as a fashionable addition to country estates. As the Grey Squirrel is larger than the UK’s indigenous smaller Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), it has pushed it in to a few small pockets around the country. Populations of the grey is estimated at 2,500,000 across the UK, it is thought that Red Squirrels number only around 10,000 -15,000. Squirrel problems are damage to flora and fauna and property. Squirrel Facts:

  • The Red Squirrel is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
  • The Grey Squirrel is regarded as an invasive non-native species, so can be killed by shooting or trapping.
  • It is an offence, to release a cage trapped squirrel back in to the wild.


Having Grey squirrels around you home or work can be unpleasant, as they have the potential to damage property, health and hygiene.

  • Excellent at gnawing  wood, so can access a roof space
  • Chew loft insulation
  • Drown in water tanks
  • Chew cables & pipes

Squirrel Problems – Electrical Safety

  • Squirrels love to chew, this include live cables!
  • House fires have been blamed on squirrels chewing through cables Read it HERE.
  • See images (right) of squirrel damage and burns
  • Do not leave a Squirrel in your roof.


How Can we help?
  • A qualified BTP technician will attend you home or site and survey the problem
  • Once the issues have been looked at, we can offer advice on a solution
  • It may be a simple DIY fix you can carry out
  • It may require specialist work from us, such as trapping & removal
  • Exclusion works such as blocking up holes or cleaning may be required
  • A costs are agreed before work commences, so you know what to expect


The Cost:

Depending on size of property and number of squirrels:

Treatments start at: £60.00 (Inc VAT)


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