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For nearly 20 years BTP had looked after the UK film industry’s pest control requirements.

This has not just been monitoring and controlling rats around the studio or flies in the kitchens. With time and confidentiality issues, we understand you need to get the problem solved fast with minimal disruption. In the time we have been looking after numerous productions we have had many interesting problems. These include:

Studio or Locations


  • Flying hawks in sound stages to remove noisy birds during filming
  • Live trap a squirrel that ran across the set during a take
  • Scare scavenging seagulls from a beach set during construction
  • Live trap and release feral cats in a sound stage
  • Spray and fumigate sound stages for biting insects
  • Decontaminate Pigeon droppings from a new location – disused building
  • Remove noise pigeons from a┬ánew location – disused building
  • Control clothes moths in costume storage
  • Wasp nests and wasps a location
  • Control wasps around catering & craft service on location – they love that sugary foods!
  • Remove and re-instate bird netting to a building as not period correct
  • Use scaring pyro at an external ADR recording to scare noisy birds away
  • Live trap foxes fouling temporary catering marquees
  • General pest control for Health & Safety and Food Safety Act requirements and compliance.

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