Pigeon Problems?

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Problems with Pigeons?

  • Fouling areas?
  • Blocking drains & gutters?
  • Disease transmission?

Benefits include:

  • Reduced birds on site, therefore reduce dropping build up
  • Advise & supply and installation products to discourage birds using a building (e.g.nets & points)
  • Advise & supply bird scaring systems to deter birds from an area
  • Advise on housekeeping improvements to deter birds from a site
  • Improve company brand (who want to see dropping on a site)
  • Reduction in cleaning costs from fouling, as birds are discouraged from site

Bird Manament Programme

  • Proofing measues
  • Scaring measures
  • Control measures


BTP has our own in house bird of prey team.

Meet the team HERE.


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