Electric Cars Rat Damage

Rats Eating Electric Cars!

With the rise in popularity of the hybrid and electric car, we are seeing more issues with rodents damaging these vehicle. Recently we had a lady who had £11,000 worth of damage to her Electric Corsa. It was out of action for four months and the insurance company will not cover this type of damage if this happens again!

Rodents have always caused a concern for car owners. Here at BTP Professional Pest Control, we have had many calls before electric cars about rodents or squirrels getting into cars or damaging them. Sometimes it is because their owner has left food in the car or others have been attracted to the wiring looms, as rodents love to chew to keep their perpetual growing teeth in check. Chewed wires in homes and commercial premises is a regular issue we see often.

Rise of the Electric Car

With the environmental benefits and move away from fossil fuels, electric cars are increasing exponentially. The materials used in the cars are also sustainable, such as a soya based product in the wiring insulation. This is cheaper and reduces the amount of plastic used. Also peanut oil for lubrication. The problem is – this is an attractive food for rodents now. With an eclectic car with batteries creating a warm, food rich, protected environment for rats to hide in.

A simple internet search will report pages of Tesla and other electric cars and chargers suffering from expensive rodent damage:

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How to Stop Rats Chewing Your Electric Car?

We have protected may cars over the years from rodent damage by the old way of boxes of toxic bait place around a garage, building or parking area. Now rodent control regulations have changed, it is not always possible to have a constant bait presence or traps that need to be checked on a regular basis for welfare reasons. The rodents actually  have to go in the bait or trap points for them to be effective.

First Line of Protection

Proofing entry points to a car storage facility should be the first line of protection. Also removing any food attractants from the car or garage. Even storing the dry dog or bird food in the garage will attract rodents. If you need to, then store it in rodent proof metal bins. Rodents can chew through plastic, so metal is best.

Permeant Rodent Protection

The RAT MAT is an innovative, humane and cost effective solution to protect property and vehicles from rodents. Using the principle of an electric fence that has been successfully used in agriculture and security for many years. Rodents will get a small harmless jolt from the mat. This will keep them away from the area in future.

Available as a Full, Semi part of Perimeter mat with – supply or supply and install.

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