Moth Problems?

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Moth Problems

The are over 165,000 species of moths in the world and they do cause moth problems in homes and places of work.

The 3 main types are (click to see independent information from our trade body):


The damage caused is normally from the larvae eating natural products, such as wool. The problem has reduced over the years with the increased use of man made fibers. To effectively control any infestation, an accurate identification of the culprit needs to be made. With support from leading industry biologists, we are able to get a quick and accurate identification. As professionals we have access to many professional compounds to safely and effectively solve you moth problem.

Once identification has been made, then a suitable treatment plan can be implemented and carried out. Only approved compounds are used to ensure the safety of people, pets, staff etc.


DIY Moth Control
  • Once damage fabric has been found, place the item in the freezer or wash at 60 degs – if permissible.
  • Use a propitiatory moth spray from a good DIY store – use as directed on the label
  • Inspect new natural fabrics for signs of moths
  • Keep your wardrobe clean and ventilated
  • Use ceder wood hangers and moth balls


Vogue Magazine has 7 tips HERE


How Can we help with moth problems?

As qualified, experienced professionals, we can provide a complete service to rid your home or work of moths.


  • Attend & survey the problem
  • Advise on treatments
  • Carry out the treatment
  • Additional advise to manage the situation going forward


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