Bird Scaring using Lasers

Bird scaring with lasers

Laser Bird Scarer

The use of lasers to repel pest birds from an area causing problems, has increased over recent years from hand held units to fixed automated units keeping areas bird free.

Here at BTP | Professional Bird & Pest Control we have used them for a number of years and had good results. The laser either comes in red or green and has been used to scare and repel pest bird species including: Pigeons, Gulls, Starling and Canada Geese.

The laser beam does not harm them (no they don’t explode Star Wars style!) it just unsettles them as it approaches them and they don’t like it, so they move away from an area.


One aspect of the laser is that they are silent in their operation and have used them successfully in areas where noise is an issue.

The videos we shot below show how the birds react to a laser beam being passed near them. We have had excellent results with dispersing away inside buildings where the light levels are lower.

As the video shows the birds dislike the moving beam and see it as a physical danger.

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YouTube video

YouTube video