Owl decoy for sea gulls

Owl Decoy by Gull eggs

Owl decoy not scaring birds

Owl decoy as bird scarer?

Owl to Scare Birds?

Do they work?

In our everyday bird control work, here at BTP | Professional Bird & Pest Control we see many different attempts to scare birds from buildings.  A live hawk will work in many situations but sometimes a cheap alternative is used – the owl decoy. Plastic decoy birds come from the shooting work used to draw in or attract birds (not scare away!) so pest such as corvids mob them and are then in range for a shot from a shooter hiding nearby. As can be seen from the images above that they don’t work! Birds will soon habituate to them and as can be seen from the Herring Gull nest even use them for shelter! Effective bird control is dependant on the species of bird (and protected status) by an integrated approach by one or a combination of the following:

  • Physical barriers such as nets & spikes
  • Scaring by Bio acoustics, hawks, kites etc
  • Population Management (if permitted)


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Kite to scare birds

Hawk Kite