Bird Control

We were recently asked to carry out some bird control for some seagulls causing problems. The issue was that gulls were landing on the roof of a building being constructed, then pecking at the pipework causing damage. They were also removing caps protecting bolts and fouling the area.

Adam and Sky, a 3 year old female Harris hawk, moved in and created a hostile environment by Sky flying around the area causing distress amongst the resident birds. The local crow population were very upset and ganged up on her in numbers and mobbed her to try and mover her on. Unfortunately for the Crows she is not intimidated by them and just ignores them.

After a few days of Skyflying, the Gulls gave the area a wide berth and stayed on the rooftops next door. The damage has stopped and the fouling as they keep away. Sky is still flown on a regular basis to remind the local Gull population that she is still around and to keep of the building!