pigeon pest control


Love is in the air for pigeons also – so you need to look at your pigeon pest control!

The Feral Pigeon’s peak breeding season will be starting in March and the birds are already courting. So now is a good time to improve your  pigeon deterrent system and pigeon pest control on site by using a professional pest & bird control company.

It may be removing rubbish or old nesting materials from your pigeon spikes. Replacing or renewing old plastic ones that have degraded with UV sun light. Bird netting should be serviced to ensure it remains effective. This can include repairing holes and fixings, tensioning the bird netting or replacing it. It may have torn or become damaged by the weather or other trades. Other options include a trapping campaign to reduce breeding pigeon populations from site. Here at BTP | Professional Bird & Pest Control specialise in the flying of real birds of prey to create a hostile environment for Feral Pigeons so they keep away as they don’t want to become a hawks next meal! More information is available here: https://btpenviro.com/specialist-bird-control/

Site housekeeping is also very important, not having a draw for the bird such as food waste or bins overflowing providing a food reward. I saw this amusing sign outside the British Museum recently that sums it up:

Do Not Feed Pigeons

Do Not Feed Pigeons