We always post news items of interest or our achievements – well this time it was, when it went wrong!

Honey the hawk (and she is) was working at a waste transfer station scaring Gulls that were trying to scavenge on the waste.

The Gulls have to be kept from the site due to the following reasons:

  • Fouling ¬†everything on site including machines and people.
  • Disease transmission -after feeding on the rubbish they roost on reservoirs or playing fields etc
  • Birdstrike risk – large flocks of gulls near an airfield are a danger

Last week she decided to go and sit on the top of the roof and find and old dead carcass to play with (probably carried thereby a gull or crow)

The only way to get her down was the kind staff at the waste station to take up her handler in a cherry picker so he could get close to her.

When they got up high she quite happily flew to the fist when called and enjoyed a ride down in the cherry picker!

hawk on patrol

Honey the hawk sitting on the roof.


Here she is at work

Harris hawk scaring gull at waste site

Note the Gulls are off…

Gulls Scared by hawk at dump

Gulls Scared by hawk at dump