We were recently asked to repair some bird netting at an NHS hospital to keep the Feral Pigeons out (and their poo!) of a courtyard as part of the site’s hospital infection control programme.

This particular net was in a very difficult to reach area as what you can’t see is the 50 foot drop in to an open basement! The pigeons were roosing on the pipes and fouling the stairs in to the basement causing a slip hazard on the stairs. Also if you survived the slippy stairs then you  got pigeon guano on the soles of shoes and then proceded to walk it through the hopital – yuk!

Our chap dangeling here has even abseiled down the Eiffel Tower to paint it!  This is not him but you get the feel:  HERE.

BTP Bird Netting

bird net repair by abseiling

Accessing a bird net on a building by rope accessuiling

rope access Abseilers