It is mouse poo glowing in the dark – here on Earth!

Here at BTP we try to keep up to date with an ever changing and evolving Public Health industry. As members of BASIS PROMPT we are committed to Continued Professional Development (in the form of CPD Points – 20 every 12 months) and embracing technology where we can. In this picture we used  Detex blocks to find the source of a mouse infestation in a domestic house. As can be seen from the picture the mice found the bait blocks, removed parts of them from a monitoring box and had a party in the middle of the dining room floor! We have used Ultra violet light to show up the tracking compound in the block and were able to track the mice to their area of harbourage and provide a solution to the infestation.

Click here: LUMITRACK to read about if direct from the manufacturer.

DID YOU KNOW?: Kestrels (That bird of prey that hovers by the motorway) uses near ultra violet light to find rodent urine trails. See: //

UV Mouse