Noise in the Loft?

This quite a common call we get here at BTP – On further investigation It is usually either:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Glis Glis
  • Birds
  • The water tank dripping!

This particular job, the house holder thought they had Glis Glis (Edible Dormice) in their loft. No chewing was present of any cables or joists but there was some droppings. Traps were set but nothing was caught but the bait was taken? We did have our suspicions who the culprit was but decided to deploy our special camera to confirm this and show the house holder the proof.

As can be seen from the picture it was mice. Once this had been established the correct treatment can be introduced and the house holder was interested to see the footage (this was a still from a video) of what was keeping them awake at night!

As with our previous news post, we like to keep up to date with technology as well as all the legislative and scientific advancements in public health & hygiene.

So pests beware – BTP Environmental Services Ltd is watching you!

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