When she calls you “Honey” it may not be a term of endearment!

We had a call from a lady who called us “Honey”! Unfortunately it was not what we thought, it was in fact honey running down the walls of her dining room!

The plumber had lifted the floor boards to find a whole bee colony in between the dining room ceiling and the bedroom floor boards. He ran a mile as he was allergic to bee stings. When we investigated we found that the colony had died of some months earlier (it may have been the veroa mite that is devastating our native honey bees . See://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varroa_destructor).

We look over 7 bin bags of comb and honey away as the colony had been there for years.

Here at BTP we can remove swarms of honey bees for re-location. With bumble or masonry bees please call us for advice as we may be able to re-locate them depending on their nest location.

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