Wasps on the patio when having a beer or BBQ?

Wasps on the patio when having a beer or BBQ?

We use these great waspbane traps to keep the wasps at bay. Wasps feed by sending out scouts to locate a food source then once found they return to the nest to tell the others where it can be found (similar to the waggle dance honey bees use). They then use swarm feeding to quickly utilise that food source until it has been used up. By locating them in the best area and using the correct bait in the traps to attract wasps and not honey bees, we can then catch the scout wasps – so they don’t return to the nest and report where our BBQ is! Wasps are programmed feeders so return to the location of where the food source has been reported.

BTP can supply traps and brackets, fill them with the correct secret bait formula, advise on location and even put them up for you – easy!

Great for pub gardens, outside restaurants or just on the patio at home.

We have plenty of traps in stock for quick despatch. Head over to our friends at WapBane HERE, to see some videos of their great traps at work and further information.

Just call the office for further information.

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