Wasps are now starting to cause issues this summer.

Wasp Problems?

The Queen wasp has stopped laying eggs, so nests and colonies is going into decline and this is when you get wasp problems.

The workers that have spent the summer collecting high protein food to feed to the grubs. These include aphids and other insects as well as carrion and meat.

In return the worker wasps get a sweet high energy liquid from the grubs called Chitin. This is a compound made from densely packed and tightly bound sugars.

Now that this food source has finished the wasps go in search of sweet foods to satisfy their needs. It is no coincidence that this is timed with the ripening of sweet fruit in late summer.

This when they become their greatest hazard to humans and Honey bee colonies. That’s why late summer BBQ’s attract wasps, lots of sweet foods and drinks are abundant and you get wasp problems.

Once a food source has been located, the scout wasp will communicate its location to their colleges, so it can be exploited quickly – as they are in competition with other wasp colonies and while the food source is available.

      wasp nest

Wasps are very sensitive to sent, so smell is the main way they seek out sweet foods with a high carbohydrate content. This can be used to our vantage to trap scouting wasps and stop them from returning and communicating to food sources and becoming an issue with a feeding frenzy.

If nests are found then leave them alone, as some DIY methods can be very dangerous. We have seen examples of water jets, setting fire to them and even using a drone to chop it up! This does not kill the colony and just destroys the nest leaving thousands of very angry wasps homeless, looking for someone to take their aggression out on!

A qualified pest control company such as BTP, can treat them quietly with an insecticidal powder, that will work from the inside the nest and works within 24 hrs. They will also have all the protective and safety equipment to minimise the sting risk.

wasp nest treatment 

NEVER squash a wasp – as they release an “alarm pheromone” that marks you for attack, explained well here:


For wasp problems in gardens, public areas and outside eating BTP can supply and set up high deficiency wasp traps. Placed in the correct location and baited with the correct attractant (what wasps are looking for), they can be very effective. Wasp nests also destroyed. Call 01525 863 951 or btpenviro.com.