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 How Much Does A pest Control Service Cost?

You have discovered a pest problem, so you search the internet for a company that is going to solve it for you. You want it solved quickly, discreetly and at a reasonable price. How do you choose the company and how much will you pay to solve it?

It is a problem we hear every day, at home you have gone in to your garden shed and found a wasp nest or seen a rat run under your decking, so you want the problem solved – why? Is it because you have a fear of the creature? All pests are just animals in the human environment. It it the damage they are or could cause? Could it be a health issue, such as wasps that sting or a flea that bites or even the risk of disease from flies? How much are you prepared to pay to solve this problem?

For a business, an invasion of just a few pests can be serious, especially if you serve or store food. Many will engage the services of a pest controller under a service contact. This is then a monitoring role for pests in their business, also if an infestation occurs it will be detected early and solved quickly with minimal disruption to  the business.

We regularly post on our Facebook pages, items in the press about small takeaways getting fines many thousands of pounds for having a pest infestation. The old saying of “speculate to accumulate”  is so applicable. For a small food premise they could get a monthly pest monitoring & control programme for as little as £50.00 a month (obviously depending on size)  That is  £600.00 to £1000 for a year, knowing you are getting a qualified technician casting his eye over your property. VAT is charged on that but most business can reclaim it anyway.

You will also get monitoring & control points for rodents and insects working 24/7 while you concentrate on running your business. Compare this to large fines, closure by the Environmental Health until you solve the issue, that no doubt will cost you more. Then there is the bad press, who wants food from a place who have had rat or cockroach problems? can you put a price on the value of lost business or reputation?

In the summer we get many calls for wasp nests, the first question is normally “How much do you charge?”  This depends on where they are, as the good old queen wasp is very good at setting up home in the most extraordinary places. Prices often range from £35.00 to £80.00 (+ VAT) as if it can be accessed with out a ladder then it can be sorted quickly and efficiently. When you get in to loft spaces that are usually very hot in the summer and have no boarding you get in to different territory. What you have to remember is when treating a wasp nest, the technician will be in a full protective wasp suit. Not the most practical bit of kit in a loft or up a ladder with lots of wasps swarming around him and only joists to stand on!

The main issue with wasps is they can sting, so stiring up a wasps nest can be a hazardous job. If they decide to attack then it can be dangerous, especially if no protection is worn. Stings to the throat area can be life threatening, as the swelling can block the airways and suffocate. Anaphylactic shock is another risk –  Anaphylaxis  is a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction affecting more than one body system such as the airways, skin or heart etc, all triggered by a wasp sting.

Destroying a wasp nest

Wasp Nest Treatment

The old adage of you “get what you pay for” is so true. When we get prospective clients calling us for prices, we always inform them that for their fee they get a professional pest control technician, who is qualified to RSPH level 2 in Pest Control. This may involve using potentially toxic chemical in their home to solve the problem. They will always get a written report of the treatment report with any compounds used listed. Also any other safety information such as how long to keep clear for and what to watch out for. All our staff maintain their minimum Contained Professional Development points (CPD).  This ensures that they are kept up to date with the latest industry changes, that include legislation, approved methods and codes of practice etc.

Another area of concern is a guarantee – what do I get for my money? As long as you have followed our advice, we can give a guarantee that the problem will be solved. If not, we will give a free treatment to ensure we sole it. Obviously we don’t give one forever, as this is not possible as when dealing with the natural world. Animals have lived along side man for thousands of years and are very effective at utilizing our weaknesses. E.g food waste, building structures etc.

A few years ago we were called for a Grey Squirrel problem at a hospital. They had chewed through the site data cables and maternity phone lines. The damage was £8000 and they said it could have been £80,000 it we had not removed them! The cost of out service was less than £2000, so not a bad return on investment!

So next time you get a pest problem, who do you call? It it the unqualified person who is also a gardener, window cleaner and does a bit of pest control on the side, but is cheap?

Alternatively  – the qualified profession who is trained in the latest, legal and effective methods. Who probably deals with similar problems on a daily basis, so is highly experienced in solving you issue. Has technical support from industry professionals (that is normally free) and can give you a guarantee and will still be in business the following year even if the wasp season had been poor? Yes they may be more expensive but how much do you value your health (and your pets and loved ones) or damage to your property?

The professional pest controller will probably even take his boots off, before entering your home!

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