Gulls Stop Play At Cricket Ground

Here at BTP we do get some interesting calls involving birds.  This particular problem was Canada and Egyptian Geese and Gulls sitting on the well tended grass of a cricket pitch and then leaving a calling card or two! Obviously there are public health issues with playing on a pitch covered in bird droppings (being in the slips has a whole new meaning!).  The other public health issue is that gulls feed at waste transfer stations, sewage farms and landfills then walk all over the grass – potentially transferring harmful bacteria to it where it can be picked up by humans.

To discourage the Geese and Gulls from using the area, we implemented a bird management plan that included creating a hostile environment by flying a pair of  real Harris hawks: Bodie and Doyle – yes THE PROFESSIONALS!

The pest birds soon moved on to another area where they were not hassled by hawks – note gulls high in the air at the sight on the hawks on patrol. The pair can be seen sitting on a side screen that had blown over.

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