Free Guide to Household pests – While your self isolating

You may not be the only one at home – So are the pests!

As most of the country are at home self isolating due to Coronavirus they will be consuming more food and creating more waste. As we are now going into spring nature is emerging from winter and the peak breeding season is starting. Queen wasps are emerging from hibernation, along with house flies and other insects as the temperature rises. Its  a common myth all insects die off, otherwise there wouldn’t be any the following year!

10 Tips on how to minimise pest infestations in your home – with free guide:

  1. Avoid putting food waste in a compost bin – this will attract rodents
  2. Avoid placing too much food when feeding birds – this again will attract rodents
  3. keep bin lids closed to keep out pests searching for food
  4. Remove uneaten dog or cat food from bowls, otherwise it attracts flies
  5. If you see a large wasp, it is probably a queen looking for a suitable place to set up home. An insect spray will control her but she can sting
  6. Fleas – regular pet maintenance with an approved product and wash pet bedding on a regular basis – 60 degs C is good.
  7. Block up any holes on your house such as sofit of facia boards, this will exclude birds & squirrels
  8. Mesh broken air bicks as this in an entry point for rodents into your home
  9. Keep seeds, pet food etc stored in outhouses in rodent proof containers with a lid
  10. Maintain a high standard of cleanliness in kitchens, clear up food waste or spills, empty bins on a regular basis.

The 3 three principles in pest management in a home or business are:

  • Exclusion – Don’t allow access by physical barriers
  • Restriction – Remove something that attracts them e.g. good housekeeping
  • Destruction – if you have a problem, the population needs to be controlled

Video contact available! We use Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Whats app.

We are making our Homeowners Guide to Effective Pest Control Free in theses trying times to help with other public health issues. See the link below to download it. It is in PDF format so you will need a reader to view it. Available free from Adobe HERE.

Download the Free Guide here: BTP Household Pest Tips

Call us for free advice on 01525 863 951. You can send us pictures of the problem and we can advise. We are starting a service of providing amateur products (posted or delivered by us) at a reduced cost

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