Flies more germ-laden than suspected

Flies Are More Germ Laden Than Suspected

Scientists have discovered that the humble flies are more germ laden than suspected.
The BBC web site has been covering this story and can be read in full HERE.

The problem with the fly is he likes to feed in some unsavoury places such as rubbish dumps, rotting meat, human waste to name a few.

Pathogens are then picked up on the body hairs and then transferred to  surfaces such as food prep areas causing cross contamination.

A few precautions of excluding flies from food prep areas by covering food or using fly screens over windows. As an added bonus is to have an fly zapper or other wise known as as an Electronic Fly Killer (EFK).

EFK’s can be very effective at luring in and zapping flies that have made it in to a food prep area. If placed in the correct area and using the correct machine type than most can be caught is a short period of time.

To remain effective, the EFK should be serviced quarterly, to include the killing grids are cleaned, tubes are effective and working (the fly is attracted to the UV light) and the catch tray is cleaned of dead flies.

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