The Canada & Egyptian Goose were introduced in to the UK as  ornamental wildfowl species.  Both species have increased in population dramatically as conditions are very favourable for them here.

Unfortunately as being such big birds and in large flocks, they can leave a large amount of droppings in very short period of time causing public health issues. They are also capable of damaging crops and causing bank erosion where they enter and exit the water.  The aviation industry has been aware of “birdstrike” to aircraft from geese for years as it was a goose that caused a plane to ditch in the river Hudson in 2009.

Here at BTP we have for a number of years managed Goose problems for a number of clients suffering from extensive fouling, feathers and mess to their facility. Having our own boats, we can access remote areas to disturb the birds and discourage them from the area. Also licensed in the use of pyrotechnics we are able to combine scaring, control and habitat management as part of an integrated bird management strategy.

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