Other Bird Problems

Problem Birds

There are a number of species of birds in the UK that can cause issues to man. This can be from a public health perspective, such as Feral Pigeon droppings being a disease risk or simply slipping on droppings or blocking drains and gutter causing water damage.

Other issues come in the form of damage to crops, fish stocks or products. Over the years we have been called out for many strange bird problems, These include:

  • Gulls Pecking Insulation of roofs
  • Crows dropping stones on plate glass roofs
  • Cormorants damaging fish stocks
  • Parakeets desecrating vines for wine making
  • Crows pecking windscreen rubbers
  • House martins fouling a front door & step


As each species of bird has different legal protection (and its eggs, nest and young) it is a complex area. To ensure all conditions of the relevant legislation is met, we advise you use a professional bird control company  Рsuch as BTP to help with any bird issues.

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