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Spider Issues?

UK spiders are not normally considered a risk to public health.  They can be considered a nuisance species, especially for people scared of them or have arachnophobia.  Eradication of spider problems is usually by web destruction and collecting individual spiders in a glass and beer mat, then releasing outside.

  • Please remember Spiders are very good at fly control and they are a risk to public health.
  • Some pesticides may be approved for spider control, you need to check the directions for use first. As some are not approved for outside use or on spiders.
  • Occasionally we get called for exotic looking spiders that have come in overseas shipments, but usually they are harmless.
  • False Widow Spiders have been in the news recently. See this article HERE from the Natural History Museum regarding them and the information below.


False Black Widow Spiders (Steatoda nobilis)

It is related to the Black Widow, but it is a less venomous spider. Originally native to the south-west Mediterranean, including the Canary Islands, Portugal and Spain. It has found its way to the UK  probably through imported goods and has adapted to our climate.  It is not an aggressive spider, but it can give an uncomfortable bite. The venom from the bite can cause illness in children and the elderly.

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