How much will this cost me?

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This the first most of our customers ask – so be transparent we have listed here a price guide to our services. We don’t hide costs and will always be up front for what you will pay and level of service you will get.


As each problem we are asked to solve, involves different pests in different locations of a property, charges will vary as it can depend on the time taken and consumable materials required, such as baits, insecticide sprays, monitor points etc.


Domestic households, compared to a commercial premises requiring monitoring and call outs for compliance, require very  different pest service. Always call us on 01525 863 951 to discuss your requirements.


  • Please Note – Fees are FROM:  As a wasp nest in a garden shed requires a lot less equipment and time, than a wasp nest in a confined roof space with poor access.
  • Sorry – We don’t provide FREE call outs. A client visit still requires time and use of our professional qualifications and experience and even the fuel in the van to get to you! It we had a day of free call outs – we would not have a business.
  • You will get a qualified professional with experience and industry back up to solve your issue quickly and efficiently.

Payment methods are Cash, Cheque, BACS or Paypal


Domestic Households                                               From (Per visit + VAT):                                                   Comments:

Rodents (Rat & Mouse)                                                 £70.00                                         May require 3 visits depending on infestation

Wasp nests                                                                      £70.00                                             Single visit – free repeat guarantee

Wasps nests (additional)                                               £25.00                                         Same visit – free repeat guarantee

Bed Bug & Flea                                                                £100.00                                       3 bed house – 3 visits may be  required

Cockroach                                                                        £100.00                                         Minimum 2 visits, additional may be required

Black Ants                                                                        £70.00                                         Follow up visit may be required

Other insects                                                                    £70.00                                         Moths, beetles, spiders etc

Commercial Business

Please use the charges above as a guide price, prices may vary depending on location size and you may get a discount on regular visits!

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