Rat Problems in Bedford.

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So you have discovered rat problems in your home or garden?

 Well Don’t panic – rat problems are relatively easy to sort out.

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There are 3 parts to dealing with rats:

  1. Exclusion – deny rats access to the area they are causing problems
  2. Restriction – Deny rats food, water and shelter
  3. Destruction – Reduce the resident rat vpopulation by legal methods such as trapping and or rodenticides.

Rats will be there for one of 3 reasons: Food, water or shelter. Deny them this and it should discourage them.


A few simple steps include:

  • Stop feeding the birds, so there is no food attractant to rats
  • Compost heap should not have waste food added to them as this provides an attractant to rats also
  • Standing water should be removed where possible.
  • Items stacked against sheds or buildings should moved as to remove harbourage for rats
  • Repair entry points to buildings such as damaged air bricks, poor door gaps and pipe chase gaps to keep rats out.

If you are confident to carry out destruction then traps and rodenticides are all available from good DIY stores.


But you must comply with all relevant legislation for each method used.

This includes follow the label exactly for toxic rodenticides. Rat traps must be approved for use, inspected on a regular basis also where they are set so not to harm no target or protected animals e.g hedge hog, pets, children etc.

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