Bird Control In London

Hawks and Falcons For PigeonĀ  & Seagull Bird Control in London


The flying of trained birds of prey in London, to deter pest birds such as Pigeon & Seagulls have proved very effective. Flown on a regular basis, the hawks create a hostile environment for pest birds- so it deters them from the area. As the Raptors (birds of prey) are at the top of their food chain, pest birds will move elsewhere as they don’t want to become a prey item.

The hawk and bird control falconer are a team, the hawk flies off to a perch then returns to the falconers gauntlet (leather glove) for a small food reward when called. All hawks flown by BTP wear radio tracking so if the hawk gets parted from the falconer (e.g. gust of high wind).


See the videos below of our guys at work:

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