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Cost of running an Electronic Fly Killer Machine

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How Much does It Cost to run a Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) Machine?





There are many types and makes of fly killing machines on the market.They vary from single sided to double side, 1 to 4 tubes, horizontal, vertical, straight or round! Some have electric grids to kill the fly, others have sticky boards to catch them. One thing they all have in common is that they consume electricity. This is to power ultra violet tubes to attract a fly in, to become trapped on the sticky board or to a grid where they receive an electric shock. The grid obviously uses electricity to power it.

Now depending on the number of tubes in a machine, a 30 W machine will consume about 12p of electricity a day (Calculated with an average cost of electricity of 16p per kilo Watt Hour (kWh).)

This equates to about £50 a year to run a single machine, but it depends on the number of tubes and length of time run. Some of our clients turn their units off over the winter, when fly activity is reduced. Though this is not advised,as a fly in a warm environment will still remain active.

Machine Service

Like any piece of equipment, it should be service on a regular basis to keep it working properly. With fly killers, a service every quarter is advised. This usually involves a check to ensure the machine is actually working and doing what it is supposed to be doing. Grids are checked they work and cleaned (who wants dead flies on them) catch trays are emptied. Sticky boards are renewed and disposed of.

The UV output (that attracts the fly in) is checked and tubes should be changed every 12 months as they degrade and their efficiency is reduced. We always advise fitting shatterproof ones, as tiny fragments of tiny glass in not good in a kitchen. There is no point paying to power a tube, if it is not efficient at drawing flies in to control them. For faulty machines, it may be a simple fix to change a starter or fuse in the plug. If the machine is past it, then a replacement can be arranged and fitted so an area like a commercial kitchen is still protected.

Cost of a service: Again depending on the size, number of tubes, sticky boards or location it starts at £25.00 + VAT per machine per quarter.

PAT testing is not carried out as part of the service, this is normally carried out when other electrical items have an annual inspection by a competent person.

Any redundant machines or parts such as tubes can then be sent for approved disposal under the WEEE Regulations 2006.

BTP can service provide a full supply, sales, service and hire of a machines. Call us on 01525 863 951 to discuss your requirements.

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