Bed Bug Problems?

Been bitten by bed bugs?

Have you woken up and have red itchy marks on your skin, you may even find blood spots on your sheets? Bed bugs live on blood and come out at night to feed on you while you sleep.

See the NHS Choices web pages HERE for images of bites and rashes and health implications.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

5 DIY Tips on Bed Bug Treatments:

If you think you have bed bugs,(bites, blood on sheets, black dots in the bed) then here are a few tips to help:

  1. Remove all bedding, place in a bin bag (so you contain them) wash at 60 Degs C
  2. Vacuum bedroom, taking special care with all cracks and crevasses, the bed frame, headboard joints and mattress folds.
  3. Dispose of vacuum bag immediately in the outside bin.
  4. Bed bugs can be bought in after an overnight stay in another bed, so launder all clothing at 60 degs.
  5. Avoid buying second hand furniture, this can be a major source of transmission.


I need Professional Help!

If you want a professional to carry out the work for you then please call us on 01525 863 951 today.

Qualified, experienced and with a guarantee, to solve your problem for a reasonable fee.

The key to bed bug eradication is being thorough, as they are so small and tend to come out at night to feed on you!


  • First to establish were the little devils are hiding.
  • Bed bugs tend to be where you sleep, so they can feed on you.
  • Most people tend to move bed once they start getting bitten.
  • The problem is this tends to spread the problem as bugs can be in bedding, duvets and night clothes.
  • We have seen a 3 bed house infested as the householder has moved to each bed.
  • Then ended up on the sofa, where they were still getting bitten!

Mattress folds, sheets and bed frames are all inspected (please remove anything embarrassing from under the bed before we visit and yes its happened!) Other areas of the bed rooms are inspected such as cracks and crevasse as they like to hide in dark areas. This includes behind wall paper and light and power sockets. Evidence such as shed skin, blood spots and live adults.

Once our qualified professional has thoroughly inspected the area, a  plan of action will be recommended. With knowledge of the life cycle and the science in eradicating bed bugs, using suitable insecticides and growth regulators to kill eggs, nymphs and adults.


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